Counselling and Yoga

Counselling is a scientific method developed in the western tradition, for helping persons understand the causes of emotional difficulties and ways to overcome them so that they are empowered to live life in its fullness.
It was developed by 19th century physicians who understood the importance of emotions and mind in the health and well being of persons.
There are many theories and methods developed by many experts that are practiced in Counselling.
Yoga is a theory and practice of psychology and health as developed in the ancient Indian tradition. 
Both may be understood as having similar goals and complementary methods. 
Transactional Analysis is an eclectic system of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Healthy development of Psyche developed by a western Psychiatrist by name Eric Berne.
Dr. Marina who is a Physician, Medical Teacher, Certified Transactional Analysis Trainer and also a Certified Yoga Trainer makes a comparative study of TA and Yoga in this paper.
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