TA Basic Course (101) Curriculum

As the name suggests, TA 101 is the most basic level training and certification in Transactional Analysis. 
You can choose from the following options to complete TA-101.
  • Attending a 12 hour training. (For schedule of onsite programs see calendar)
  • Reading TA literature and writing the 101 Exam
    • TA 101 notes
    • TA Basic Exam Questions
    • Contact Dr. Marina Rajan Joseph (contact@shalomforta.com) to schedule an appointment for valuation and certification.
  • Joining an online training with SHALOM
    • This program is available for a period of 6 months from the time of registration. 
    • It will include online study material, self learning exercises, open book assignments and at least two online discussions or one 1:1 meeting. 
    • Contact Dr. Marina Rajan Joseph (contact@shalomforta.com) to register yourself.
    • Study material will be delivered online after registration.
    • Dates of Online discussions will be given in advance after registration.
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