What is Counseling?

Counseling services available at SHALOM

All services are available ONLINE

(please book in advance with +91 94464 77546 (Whatsapp) OR Take your booking by mailing to

  • Pre-marriage counselling (at request, for couples and for groups): Get a copy of my book on Marital/Premarital counselling if you are interested Available at MOC books Kottayam & Parumala Kerala, India

    • A program to develop healthy understanding of self and others before beginning to live with another person, and basics of sexual life and child rearing.

  • Educational counseling and career guidance

  • Adolescent/Teenage Counseling

  • Family counseling for couples experiencing problems in family life

  • Psychological Counseling for minor mental health issues.

  • Medical Counseling for specific medical problems like

      • Diabetes

      • Cancer

      • Cardiovascular diseases

      • HIV/AIDS and Sexually transmitted diseases

      • Other Sexual health problems

  • Training in counseling -Click here