Training Programs

We train all levels in Transactional Analysis - 101 (Basic) 202 (CTA) 303 (PTSTA).

Our training programs schedule can be found on our home page. You can also subscribe to our calendar here. For information about fees and concessions please contact +91 9446477546( in whatsapp/text message). You may also send email to

  • TA 101 - Basic training in TA:

101 Curriculum

Online 101

  • CTA (202) Training - Advanced training in TA:

  • PTSTA (303) Training. - For those certified TA professionals who wish to progress as Training and Supervising Transactional Analysts after undergoing Training Endorsement Workshop (TEW)

  • The Following are the Other Training Programs available at SHALOM

    • Training in Counselling (online and onsite)

    • Adolescent Empowerment- Rise up and shine- a one day program for teenagers to facilitate personal development and career development.

    • Parent Education Programs -

    • Team Building in work situations

      • Healthy Relationships in workplace - Presentation

      • Celebrating at work - A TA based training program for Organizations

    • Experiential Training in Counseling

    • Effective Mentoring

      • A program for persons in personnel development work to enhance skills for helping others grow.

    • Pre-marriage counselling (at request, for couples and for groups): Get a copy of my book on Marital/Premarital counselling if you are interested

      • A program to develop healthy understanding of self and others before beginning to live with another person, and basics of sexual life and child rearing.

    • Yoga Training to improve health (at request, individual or group):

      • Basic concepts about Yoga and how to improve health through practice of yoga.

      • Click here for a write up on Yoga to prevent Cancer

      • Click Here for a write up on Yoga and Transactional Analysis